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  • Today Is National Medal of Honor Day you for your extraordinary service!  Hooah....Today less than 1% serve the other 99%.  Read that again my friends and neighbors.  Our military men and women are the very best among us.  It is a brotherhood that unless you have served can not fully appreciate.  You can thank them when you see them though.
    Posted Mar 25, 2017, 10:39 AM by Dan Clifford
  • Parents: Far to Many Largely Ignorant Until it Hits Home: Engage Now Open attachment below.HELLO PARENTS: Your children are at risk, including death. Do not let us lose another generation.Alcohol and drugs are a national epidemic; yes including right here in Braintree. Dr. Ruth Potee. A nationally featured speaker will address teens risk taking and substance abuse; alcohol and drugs affects on teen brains.Come, listen, learn and act.
    Posted Jan 31, 2017, 5:38 PM by Dan Clifford
  • Thanksgiving and Honor Thank you Braintree High School, Athletic Director, Michael Denise.At 9:40 at Braintree's Alumni Stadium just prior to kick-off we honor those to whom serve and those POW/MIA's who did not return.This special tradition honoring those who serve and those POW/MIA's is uniquely Braintree.Thank you for your support of our service men and woman and especially those of whom we wait for to claim our "Chair of Honor".From each team individual passing by and tapping the "Plaque of Remembrance" that stands beside the "Chair of Honor", that awaits returning POW/MIA's, to the passing of the "Torch of Remembrance" that is passed annually from the Senior class to the ...
    Posted Nov 23, 2016, 10:36 PM by Dan Clifford
  • November 8 Election Day Get Out and Vote Today. "I have heard why, both candidates are terrible".Let me suggest it is your obligation and responsibility to carry the torch of those who paid. the ultimate price for our freedoms.So often people vote on emotions and or party lines instead of being objective and inspecting candidates records. I am sure some people will stop supporting me because I just don't walk a fine line, be ambiguous and vague so as not to take a position or offend those with another opinion.Let me only ask each of you to objectively list what is important to you: jobs, a growing economy, strong military (peace through strength), real substantial accomplishments... What are your interest ...
    Posted Feb 2, 2017, 7:13 PM by Dan Clifford
  • (SHOCKED....... Not Really (Angry and Dismayed....YES) SHOCKED...... NOT REALLYHillary Clinton demonstrated "EXCESSIVE CARELESSNESS", regarding State Top Secrets, maintained multiple unauthorized email servers, was most likely hacked by enemies, authorized uncleared attorney's to delete thousands of emails,On an on it went Wednesday's at 11AM, as FBI Director James Comey eviscerated Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.Connect the Dots:1) On Thursday, Bill Clinton clandestinely meets with Attorney General Loretta Lynch Thursday on the tarmac, holding his plane to wait to meet with an incoming private jet carrying Attorney General Loretta Lynch (had a local news reporter not been tipped off, this meeting would have gone unnoticed. Do you think the former President really wanted to have cordialities with the US Attorney General ...
    Posted Jul 8, 2016, 10:10 AM by Dan Clifford
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Who is Dan?

While serving Braintree, I am proud to have originated and earned passage of the "Citizen Soldiers Bill" and Senior Citizens Property Tax Relief. Working with the Mayor, we secured Community Preservation Committee (CPC) funding to build a state of the art community playground in the Braintree Highlands.  Moreover having secured other CPC funding, we are happy to announce a new Braintree Town Forest passive recreational area for all to enjoy in this little known town jewel.

Another initiative under study is to help small businesses expand and create jobs through increased tax exemptions.   

Well I grew up in Braintree; one of eight children. Went through Braintree Schools, served in the U.S. Army and graduated from Roger Williams University.  
My wife Colette and I raised five children here. I coached Braintree Youth sports and St. John's CYO Baseball.  Colette taught CCD at Saint Clare Parish. 

We know and understand the everyday stresses and challenges families, veteran’s and senior’s face, especially today.
My career includes thirty-five years in business, including managing a $70 million dollar organization, and seventeen  years (17) dedicated to good government. As Town Councilor, I work hard for you and will continue too.  Simply put, I enjoy helping people.  Hard and honest work is what I do and there is much more to do:
I have been honored by you, being elected and reelected as your District 6 (Precincts 11 and 12) Town Councilor. 

Other government experience includes being elected town wide to the Board of Assessors, serving as Chairman of the Veteran's and Elder Affairs committee, serving as a member of the Ways and Means Committee, Chairman of the Economic Development Committee and served as a Town Meeting member for 9 years and served on the Fair Housing Committee and Finance Committee.

Please inspect my record of action, advocacy, and accomplishments. It would be an honor to continue to represent you and all the people of Braintree's District Six (6).  
Respectfully, I ask for your continued support and vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2015.
Paul "Dan" Clifford
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